About PK

Prasath Kanagaras, who is also known as “PK”, has more than 15 years of experience in this field. Having worked with various international companies through his leadership and management skills.

His training story began when he adopted the in-house promoting concept in the companies he worked with, where he introduced internal training policies in developing ‘home-ground’ heroes within the firm.

  • PK is also a passionate advertising blogger (www.thepktheory.com) that has reached thousands of online audiences all over the world. The surmountable audiences he garnered led him to be interviewed by BFM89.9 in year 2011.
  • He was also featured in many online media such as The Star Newspaper, Marketing Magazine, Indian Business Magazine, Campaign Asia, ADOBO, ADOI, Marketing-Interactive Magazine, Brand Equity, and many more.
  • PK also contributes to writing articles in regards with Branding to publishers on an ad hoc basis.

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